Project 13s GASE
Project 13s GASE is my attempt to make a 13-second Pontiac Grand Am SE Coupe. Why a Grand Am? Well, why not?! I think the Grand Am makes the ultimate sleeper and it is a definite challenge, and I love a good challenge!. The project will be broken down into stages in order to test various levels of performance and to also lessen the financial blow. The 12-second turbo idea is now DOA due to cost. The Grand Am is not the most luxurious or well-made car and has caused me many headaches over the past few years due to poor engineering on GM's part. So, sinking several thousand into the turbo is reserved for a more reliable platform ...

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Pictures and Specs of my car can be found at:
I also have a entry here:

Stock - Baseline: 170HP, 136WHP (est.) Dyno Chart

Stage I - Bolt-On's: 198HP (est.), 159WHP Dyno Chart Stage II - Engine Work: Stage III - Future Products: Chassis Mods: Appearance Mods: DETAILS

As the project evolves, I'll be updating the site with pictures, notes, research, etc. I also plan on performing a dyno run between each Stage above. If you have any questions and/or comments, feel free to e-mail me at:

I am also open to sponsorships!