Stage 1 Dyno Results

The results are in! 158.6WHP and 189.8 lb-ft at the wheels. Calculating 20% drivetrain loss, that equals 198.25HP and 237.25 lb-ft at the flywheel yielding a +28.25HP and +37.25 lb-ft over stock! Not bad few a few bolt-ons!

First, I went to Detroit Speedworks in Warren, MI to dyno Stage I. They use a Mustang Dyno which simulates parasitic drag at high speed to give a "real world" measurement. With the Grand Am, this test cannot be performed properly because it loads the drivetrain down too much in 3rd gear (100+MPH) and causes the engine to "ping" which in turn causes the PCM to retard the timing and dump extra fuel into the cylinders to "cool" the air charge down.

Here is my first run in 3rd gear:

Notice the drop just past 5000 RPM (where timing was cut back)

Here is my second run in 2nd gear:

Since the 170HP claimed by the manufacturer assumes "controlled laboratory" conditions, I have decided to use a DynoJet to give HP results for the various stages of the project. I think this will more accurately show the gains as they apply to flywheel HP. However, when I get the turbo installed and then have to re-tune the stock PCM, I will tune using the Mustang dyno since it simulates what *really* happens at the track.


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