Custom Transmission

The stock transmission on the Grand Am is a GM Hydra-Matic 4T45-E. Unfortunately, Pontiac did not have performance upgrades in mind when they chose this transmission! This gearbox is only rated at 205 lb-ft of Max. Engine Torque. With the preliminary power calculations I ran, I am expecting to produce somewhere in the neighborhood of 278 lb-ft. In order to help the transmission handle these loads, I plan on adding the following:

Transmission Cooler

Remote Transmission Oil Filter

High Performance Synthetic ATF

Transmission Temp Gauge

I plan on using the CSI Temp Gauge above becasue it has a switched output when the temp reaches a certain degree. I'll patch this output into the remote switch on the Casper's high speed fan harness to turn on the OEM high-speed fan to push more air through the cooler. These are more preventative maintenance items, so I'll still need some mods to help strengthen the internals. Raybestos is currently working on Kevlar clutch packs and other Philly Party Bus internals. I'll also use a PCM re-program to increase line pressure and raise the shift points by 500 RPM at WOT. I am also concerned about the torque converter under launch conditions, but I will deal with that when I get the turbo producing near the 300HP mark.