HyperGround System

All modern day EFI engine systems rely on electronic sensors to keep the PCM informed of how the engine is running which in turn dictates how much fuel, timing advance, etc. to supply it. With high-voltage ignition systems, noisy alternators, high-power stereo systems, etc., there is a large demand and a TON of noise present on the vehicle ground. Since voltage is the measure of the difference of potential, your sensor that is supposed to be sending 2.5V to the PCM is now sending 1.5V since the ground is floating around 1V because of stray voltages. Considering most sensors have a range of 0-5V, that equates to a 20% difference in actual versus measured readings.

Enter SUN Automobile USA, Inc.. They produce a multi-point low resistance grounding kit to bring the ground system back down to 0V or the potential of the battery negative terminal. This kit is available in Gold, Silver, Blue, Red, Yellow and Smoke.

Battery Post Ground
Driver Side Chassis Ground
Transmission Ground
Cylinder Head Ground
Upper Intake Manifold Ground
Passenger Side Chassis Ground
Entire System Overview


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